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“Regular practice of yoga can help you face the turmoil of life with steadiness and stability”

    - B. K. S. Iyengar



Here in our central New Plymouth studio we practice and teach yoga based on the teachings of B. K. S. Iyengar (1918 - 2014).


B. K. S. Iyengar lived and taught in Pune, India and is considered one of the fathers of modern yoga. The Iyengar method is known for its systematic approach to learning yoga and encourages students to become aware of balance and precision in every asana (posture).


Props such as blocks, blankets, bolsters, belts and chairs are frequently used in class, enabling students to practice correctly. This makes Iyengar yoga suitable for all ages, regardless of fitness or flexibility.


Our central New Plymouth studio is fully equipped with all the necessary props and yoga mats.

Tria is a fully qualified teacher. Having undergone years of intensive training in the Iyengar system, along with attending teacher workshops throughout each year, she is committed to excellence in teaching.


Learn more about Iyengar yoga here: www.iyengar-yoga.org.nz

Timetable new plymouth yoga

Level One - Suitable for beginners and those who cannot make it along to a foundation course.


Level Two - These classes are for students who have been regularly attending level 1 classes & feel ready to expand their practice.


Level Three - For experienced practitioners who are confident in both head and shoulder stand. Three years of Iyengar Yoga experience is a must.


Classes are $15 casual & $130 for ten sessions.

(eftpos is not available) (refunds are not available)

Location - new plymouth yoga

We are located in central New Plymouth,

Level 2 King’s Building, 36 Devon Street, New Plymouth.

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There is no need to book, however, if it is your first time at Taranaki Yoga, please arrive 10 minutes early.


Classes are $15 casual & $130 for ten sessions. (eftpos is not available) (refunds are not available)


If you have any concerns or inquiries, please phone Tria:


027 757 2121




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